social responsibilty

“When you’re strong you must be good.” That’s what Eva’s grandmother always told her and that’s what her mother showed her. The world today faces too many humanitarian challenges; but two in particular are at the forefront: improving the quality of life for the poorest of the poor so that they can stay in their homelands, and, when that isn’t possible, supporting the integration of the refugees who had no other option than to flee.

Beginning in 2011, Eva, along with Chido Govera, co-founded the “Future of Hope Foundation” in Zimbabwe. Their mission is to improve the lives of female Zimbabwean orphans. The goal is to give these girls a different life perspective by showing them what they can achieve; helping raise their self-esteem; and teaching them how to increase their standard of living. In addition to raising money to financially support the foundation, Eva and her team in Germany are developing partnerships which can provide concrete projects to support the goals of the foundation. Over the years, Eva and Chido Govera have become more than just good friends as exemplified in one of Eva’s paintings called” Soul Sister.”

Since 2015, Eva has supported Syrian refugees in building a new life in Germany. The German welfare system does a good job to ensure the minimum standard of living, but not much beyond that. Eva makes sure that her protégés find the right job – a job they love and to which they are dedicated. When she first started this work, she mainly focussed on fundamental topics: finding a place to live; assisting with bureaucratic tasks; taking them to doctor visits; helping with school enrolment for their children; and raising money to assist in buying the necessities of home living. Over the years the focus has changed to helping them to find the right work. Eva helps through opening the right doors, writing applications, and preparing them for exams, tests and job interviews. One of her projects near and dear to her heart was the setup of a Syrian restaurant in her hometown, called “Projekt Morgenland”. One of her paintings is hanging in there and reminds guests that we are all strangers, almost everywhere. It’s called “The Fish Woman” in memory of her mother who taught her to help wherever help was needed.

Eva donates 33% of her work time and 33% of her profit to those activities.