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Assuming that we all agree that we need a better world, a more just world, why is it that we do not use the one language that has consistently shown us that we can break down barriers, that we can reach people? Art exposes and helps resolve issues of social justice. As a cultural tool, art helps humanize and actualize emotions, grievances and fears. As an illustrative and journalistic tool, art shocks and inspires us to action. What art depicts can elicit a visceral reaction. And art is a powerful communication tool within whatever part of society it is used.
Transformation has been Eva’s focus for 30 years within her business career and her personal life. Over the years, she has utilized art as a powerful transformation tool. As she has transformed herself from “business executive” to artist, Eva has found that engaging with the public has had a positive impact on her as an artist and helped many people gain a greater appreciation of art as a powerful tool in their personal and business lives.
executive” zur Künstlerin hatte die Interaktion mit Menschen und der Gesellschaft eine positive Auswirkung auf ihre Tätigkeit als Künstlerin. Sie
konnte viele Menschen aufzeigen, welch starkes Mittel Kunst für ihr persönliches Leben und ihr Geschäftsleben sein kann.
Some artists need only self-reflection. Others need the interaction with people to fuel imagination. Eva falls into the later category and thus Eva is combing her ability as an artist with her professional experience to provide various means with which to engage with her.

“What I need to say to the planners of the world, the governments, the strategists, is ‘You have treated the arts as the cherry on the cake. It needs to be the yeast.

 Mallika Sarabhai, Indian dancer

Eva has created four specialized workshops for people at different life stages.

  1. Confidence Boost: This workshop assists female students, soon to enter the business world, to prepare themselves for the challenges that women face in the workplace. The content covers the business basics such as applying for a job, having an interview or negotiating a salary. In addition, it addresses the underlying emotional and social obstacles with which women are faced in the workplace or at home or which they create themselves and provides the tools to overcome these challenges.

  2. Changing Roles: As women become more empowered and insist on equality in the workplace and at home, many young men want to support that inclusion and stand with their female counterparts and partners. This workshop helps young men understand the challenges that they grapple with in their business and personal lives as the “tough guy” and provides them with tools to eliminate the fears they feel from the expectations of this “old” way of being.

  3. Trapped in the Past: Today’s middle-aged male population is confused and confounded by the changes in society. Stereotypically being “tough guys” due to years of education and success in their business lives, these men need help in understanding that their contribution to society’s transformation is important and can be significant. The workshop demonstrates to them that women’s equality in a sustainable world makes them more powerful, not less, as a united workforce and equal partnerships create a better and more enlightened society.

  4. Who am I: Working women tend to let their “soft” side dissipate when they enter the work force and are rewarded for their “toughness” as they mature. Because success in the business world has been defined by “toughness and aggressiveness”, many women find that they are unable to incorporate their true feminine side into their professional lives. Thus, women have become schizophrenic: caring, nurturing, and loving at home as mothers and wives and “tough and aggressive” at work as successful businesswomen. This workshop helps women bring into alignment both sides of their being so that they are happier in both places.

„To observe how much a singel day can change in a persons life always strikes me. When attendees of my workshops call me up weaks or months later and tell me what they were able to change in their lifes is incredible.”

Eva’s personal story of transformation was a long and emotionally intense one. Having a life coach could have been instrumental in achieving this transformation more rapidly and less painfully. Many people are faced with daily challenges that are difficult to tackle alone or they don’t have the necessary emotional tools with which to handle them. Consequently, she has developed a personal coaching system that combines art, breathing, and effective questioning that helps clients find the necessary insight they need to achieve their goals.

Eva’s ABC – Art-Breathing-Coaching – system works not only on the conscious mind but also on the unconscious mind. This duality supports a more sustainable success rate for the client. Eva provides her clients with effective and practical tools to continuously keep them centered and balanced.

Environment and context can be important for a coaching experience. Working in nature or at her studio are options for her clients. But her coaching is highly effective regardless of the external setting.

“There are only a few things that are more fulfilling than to see people regaining their liveliness and happiness. It is such rewarding work.”

There are two places where Eva’s inner lights glow. One is in her studio when she is painting. The other is when she is speaking to groups of people. Beyond just the classical motivational speeches, her own personal transformation journey has given her a genuine authenticity expressed through her vulnerability and clarity. Both with her art and on the stage, Eva is unconventional in her approach and that unconventionality and her humor trigger change in one form or another in her audience.

“First I am incredibly exited and all I want is to run away. But then when I stand in from of my audience and start to get in touch with their aura, there is no other place I want to be.”