art work

“My artwork comes from deep down inside, from the heart, the mind, the soul – I don’t know.
All I know is that I have no choice; I have to make it. It is my must.“

At the age of four, Eva’s family moved to Paris. She spoke not a word of French, but her parents put her into a French kindergarten. The very perceptive teacher gave Eva some canvas and paints. Her first weeks in school were spent expressing herself in art while listening to and learning French. From that time on, Eva was “addicted” to colors. She spent her entire childhood observing the beauty of natural patterns on trees and rocks – and painting.

Eva’s artwork is a mix of nature photography, painting, and text on cloth. Typically her artwork is structured as diptychs with the larger areas the painting itself. In some cases, the background is a photo she took during her long nature walks. Her style is both modern and primitive at the same time. The paintings are completely “body painted”; she uses no brushes, palette-knives or other instruments. On some of her paintings, the photo and the painting melt indistinguishably together. The natural, rough stone and tree structures of the painting are juxtaposed with the striking graphically designed text on velvet. From the interplay of both elements, the vivid expressions of her artwork arise.

It is clear through the consistency of her imagery that her heart is fully invested. With that comes a good figurative thread that defines her style and focus – a plus. She has a strong and powerful application and color sense, which will either draw the viewer to her work or make them hesitant. This also holds true of her subject matter and the personal way she paints. Her use of a large format is a powerful echo of her conviction and it works well with her abstract depictions.