Art stimulates dialog. Art stimulates transformation and change in the world. What makes art the most valuable in the eyes of people throughout the ages is something that generates communication and change far beyond its own time. Twenty years of art history have shown proof positive that art is about communication.

Eva Michielin is pursuing her art with this purpose in mind. Art as a communication vehicle; art that stimulates dialog; art that transforms society to move toward a more equitable and sustainable world.

Using her many years of experience on the front lines in the business world – an experience which illuminated the inequities between men and women in society and the incredible damage we have done to our planet – Eva focuses her art on bringing a message of empowerment to women so that they may take their rightful place next to men and helping men comprehend this empowerment and support it. Therefore both – women and men – need to accept and freely live their masculine and their feminine side.

Understanding that the world is in an environmental crisis and nature as we know it is rapidly deteriorating, Eva uses nature as the background of all her work – it even seems she melts with nature into her artwork - displaying the obvious necessity that only a united, humane society can save us from the damage we have wrought.

If the true essence of art is stimulating emotions, thoughts, ideas, and thus dialog, then great art also actively engages people to respond to this art with positive actions. Eva’s goal as an artist is to be an agent of positive change and uplift art to allow it once again to take its rightful place to advance the best humanity has to offer.

Eva is an inclusive artist whose life experiences, sense of justice, and respect for nature are the inspiration for her paintings. Her art cannot be separated from her inherent love of nature and desire to eradicate inequality. It can also not be separated from her commitment to help others, as she believes that who is strong must be good.

Eva’s techniques are extraordinary and unusual. Eva believes that her art can be truly great if it is actually completed by the viewer as a result of the brilliant communication within her paintings. That will be measured by the actions of the viewers of her art.

She encourages you to engage with her; challenge her; and inspire her so that together, using art as a powerful medium, the world can be transformed.